Checking Out Prague…then Czeching Out

We spent our third day on the road in Prague: simply beautiful. We did our best impression of tourists and walked among this gorgeous city before heading to the “Czech Out” party. We recommend stopping to see Prague’s “Bridge Band” if you ever visit yourself. The band is comprised of what appears to be old, drunk men just having a great time!

Dressed up in our yellow Rubber Duckies helmets at the Czech Out Party

Then it was off to the Czech Out Party, the European launch of the Mongol Rally, and the only big gathering of all the teams before the rally begins. It’s held at the bohemian Klenova Castle in Klatovy, Czech Republic (built in 1281). After pitching our tent on a sloping field behind the castle and chatting with other teams, we dressed up as Rubber Ducky construction workers and made our way to the castle.

What better way to celebrate Pete and Jeff’s 26th birthday than by “Czeching Out” with hundreds of other Mongol Rally teams. This was a great opportunity to meet the other teams and toast (way too many times) our upcoming adventure. After experiencing absinthe, dancing at a rave in castle, playing the international version of “Dynamite”, offending some Aussies by calling them Kiwis, riding a bull (which Burt doesn’t remember), and forcing the entire party to sing “Happy Birthday”, we thought it was time to call it a night.

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