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Our route will take us 10,000 miles through eighteen different countries. Some highlights include crossing the Caspian Sea in a ferry, driving through five ‘Stans, Tajikistan’s treacherous Pamir Highway on the “rooftop of the world”, and crossing Mongolia’s Gobi Desert where the closest thing to a road is a goat path.

Click the little icons to read a bit more about some of the places we’ll be visiting!

To sum it up, we will be going through:
England – France – Belgium – Germany – Czech Republic – Slovakia – Hungary – Romania – Bulgaria – Turkey – Georgia – Azerbaijan – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan – Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan – Russia – Mongolia



Below is our very rough itinerary. The rally begins on July 23rd, and we plan to arrive in Ulaanbaatar the first week of September. We’re sure as soon as the rally begins, this schedule will probably all go right out the window, but hey, at least we tried!

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