3 guys.

18 countries.

10,000 miles.

This summer, three friends from Upstate New York will drive 1/3 of the way across the surface of the planet in a woefully unsuitable vehicle, to raise money for underprivileged children around the world — and to have the adventure of a lifetime.

It’s called The Mongol Rally, and it’s a car rally described by the organizers “the world’s best generator of chaos.” We’ll travel across deserts and mountain passes, through some of the most remote and dangerous places in the world, all in the name of charity.

About The Rally

The Mongol Rally is a charity car rally where teams travel from London, England to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in an underpowered car, through 10,000 miles of unforgiving deserts, perilous mountain ranges and non-existent roads. It’s put on by a group of crazy Brits called The League of Adventurists, but the rally itself is entirely unsupported — teams receive no help or guidance from the organizers, and can take any route, and as much or as little time as they choose.

There are only a few rules: GPS and electronic navigational devices are not allowed, cars are limited to 1200cc engine or less, and each team is required to raise money for charity.

We will be one of only a handful of American teams on this year’s Rally. The route we chose will lead us through seventeen countries, and we will be on the road from July to September.

Yes, it’s dangerous. Corrupt police, bandits and breakdowns are expected. We know we’re going to get lost, have lots of communication difficulties and to get caught up in all sorts of bizarre situations.

But we’re doing it for a good cause. We will see some of the most beautiful, unique and remote places in the world. We will meet people from walks of life we never knew existed. And we will have stories to tell for years. It will be the adventure of a lifetime!

Our Team

We have no idea what we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Jeff Andrews

Jeff might very well die on this. Sure, he loves the outdoors, camping, and hiking. He has worked as a National Trainer for the Boy Scouts in outdoor skills, worked at many camps throughout the years. He rarely gets flustered in the heat of danger as shown by his expansive involvement in the arts and theatre. Particularly, he has done improvisational comedy with Unleashed! Improv and the Broken Couch. He obviously loves obstacles and hard work; currently working as a reading specialist in Greece, NY. He is a man who clearly has taken on the world and should be perfect for a trip of this caliber.

The issue, you see, is he sucks at driving. Horrible. Just horrible….Mongol Rally 2011- here I come!

Pete Berg

Pete was raised in Owego, NY by a family who makes primitive spearthrowing weapons for a living, and grew up with a taste for adventure. In 2008, he spent 6 months backpacking through Asia, where he trekked through the Himalayas, visited Mt. Everest, rode a moped the length of Taiwan, and attended the Beijing Olympics. He’s also done eleven roadtrips across the U.S.A., and visited 48 states. But that doesn’t mean he’s at all qualified to drive 1/3 of the way around the world…not even in the slightest. He’s probably not even qualified to drive to the local supermarket.

When Pete’s not traveling, he lives in Los Angeles and works in the Television industry on various Reality TV shows. He also owns his own event planning business called Reality Rush and performs regularly with his sketch comedy group Pizza Party Weekend.

Chris Burt

Chris Burt is a jack-of-all-trades who lives in Los Angeles and works in Television production. Most recently, he worked for the History Channel series Brad Meltzer’s DECODED, where he traveled around the country filming at the CIA, investigating the Illuminati, and infiltrating The Bohemian Grove (which ended with two of the hosts of the show getting arrested). He also once started his own restaurant that served nothing but Hungry-Man microwave dinners.

Chris has swam with sharks, set a mechanical bullriding record, and routinely manages to beat 7th graders at the local lazer tag joint. He’s somewhat of a MacGuyver, and can fix just about anything with zip ties and duct tape. Originally from Oswego, New York, he grew up camping and hiking, and is always up for an adventure.

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