Long Haulin’ from France to the Czech Republic

To save money on the Rally, we’ll be camping most nights…and sometimes our accommodations will not be so luxurious.

Our first night on the road, we chose to stay at what appears to be the remnants of a zombie apocalypse in France. It was terrifying when we pitched our tent and even scarier when we listened to howling all night…hours of pounding wind perfectly simulating the undead clawing at our tent flaps. We woke up surrounded by French truck drivers rubbernecking at our Ducky-Mobile.

The abandoned (and possibly zombie-infested) truckstop we camped at near Dunkerque, France

Our second day on the Rally, we had one mission: to book it to Prague to explore the city before the Czech Out Party. The Rally has a very tight timeline, so we have to be selective about where we spend our precious time…so France, Belgium and Germany only received a passing-through.

We fell fast in love with Brussels within the first 10 minutes of driving around this city, but like most foreign flings we needed to end the love affair once we found outselves lost within its winding city streets. We managed our way along the Autobahn all the way to rainy Frankfurt, Germany, where we had some dinner (and accidentally parked in the red light district)…then we continued toward the Czech Border.

We arrived on the outskirts of Prague at three in the morning. With all hostels and campgrounds closed, we found a long, dead-end street to camp on thinking that no one would mind our brief night there. Little did we know that the next morning we would wake up to an 18 wheeler semi almost running us over as he tried to maneuver his truck back up the dead end street after making a wrong turn. Alas– onto Prague!

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