Sailing Across the Channel with DFDS

We made it out of England and are now off to Belgium courtesy of DFDS Ferries. We were afraid we wouldn’t make the ferry since we had pick up Jeff’s luggage at Heathrow and then head to Dover. But we did, and it was a breeze getting on the ferry. Once parked, we headed up to the back deck to see the White Cliffs of Dover, right before we started moving across the channel. Two hours later, we were off, and on to the “Czech Out” party.

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One Response to Sailing Across the Channel with DFDS

  1. kburt says:

    Looks like a great ferry! Looks quite large and very clean.
    So glad that you’re on schedule after the rough beginning for Jeff, esp.
    Haven’t figured out if I want to learn to tweet, but in the meantime, I’ve been trying to follow by looking up info on the castle in the Czech Republic. It’s beautiful!
    Hope you got a chance to see it before the party began!! 😉

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