Relaxing on the Black Sea beach in Vama Veche, Romania

Due to some misinformation, we arrived at the Black Sea of Romania a full day before the Rally. Damn. That means we had to hang out on a beautiful sandy beach all day, lounge in the sun, drink some beers and relax. What a shame!

There are few better places to spend a day than at this beautiful nude beach on the Black Sea. We spent the day swimming, sunbathing, greeting the other teams as they arrived, and enjoying the scenery (in more ways than one). The second team to come in arrived at about 2pm, so if the rally were a race, we would have been ahead by a full ten hours.

We especially enjoyed hanging out with our new Romanian friends (a shout out to Bogdan, Cristiana, Juana, Ramona and all the others we spent the day with)!

By the end of the night, there were several dozen teams in Vama Veche, and we went to a beachfront concert featuring various Romanian bands, sang some karaoke, danced, drank some delicious Romanian drinks and watched the amazing sunrise over the Black Sea. (See the timelapse video we made of the sunrise tomorrow):

Vama Veche Ducky Sunrise from Pete Berg on Vimeo.

Not bad at all.

Next, we’re off to Bulgaria and Turkey. Check in with you later!

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2 Responses to Relaxing on the Black Sea beach in Vama Veche, Romania

  1. Cristiana says:

    Guys, it was really nice to meet you and we are also glad you arrived early! Take care! Cris

  2. Uli Weigel says:

    Returned from a cycle-trip in Sweden we are astonished about your racing-speed towards the east, incedible! Did our shaping and tuning really improve that blue toy-car that way? Hold on, we follow your adventures from Milte / Germany,
    have fun and take care,
    Uli and Jutta

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