Week Two in Status Updates: Turkey and Georgia

July 31st – Cappadocia to Kars, Turkey

We’re in Cappadocia, surrounded by amazing caves and rock formations, camping under an endless starry sky.

Up bright and early to catch the Cappadocia sunrise, and see the sky fill up with hot air balloons.

We’ve been leaving our ducky business cards at random eateries and shops all over the world…post a comment here if you found one!

Kars, Turkey after 12 hours of driving up, up, up into Eastern Turkey’s mountains. Tomorrow we cross into Georgia and will visit Pete’s former exchange student, Irakli!

August 1st – Georgia

On our way to Georgia! We’ll update as soon as we can find some decent Internet.

Crossed the border to Georgia without too much hassle…got more laughs than trouble from guards thanks to all our duckies.

Sitting by a hammock shop in Georgia, watching the world swing by.

August 2nd – Tbilisi, Georgia

Today we visit the SOS Children’s Village in Tbilisi, Georgia to see some of the work our charity does to help kids around the world.

What an amazing visit to the SOS Village in Tbilisi! Spent the afternoon playing games and talking with the children, and each kid there now has their own rubber ducky.

The Tbilisi SOS Village currently hosts 36 underprivileged children from Georgia, in four families. We’re proud to be raising money to support this charity and these kids!

An afternoon in Tbilisi’s sprawling car parts/junkyard district and we finally have spare tires and jerry cans.

First laundry in nearly two weeks (hurray!), doing it in an old Soviet-era bucket washer that bears a striking resemblance to R2D2.

Now we know why Tbilisi is known as ‘the city of lights.’ Every monument and building illuminated in a magnificent night time lightshow.

August 3rd – Caucus Mountains, Georgia

Heading deep into the Caucuses today. Checking out some ancient castles and monasteries, and visiting Georgia’s natural springs and beautiful countryside.

Georgian lemonade is green, tastes like mint and is not made from lemons.

The Adventurists say our invites to Turkmenistan have been granted! We tell the border guards some secret password, grease some palms and we’re in.

August 4th – Kutaisi, Georgia

In Georgia, where the wine flows like water and there’s a thousand year old monastery on every hilltop.

Today we visit Kutaisi, Georgia’s second city and Ika’s hometown.

Georgian monks beat us in the beard contest hands down.

Dozens of toasts as we drink wine from goat horns, ceramic pots, clay soup bowls, metal doodads and more. When in Georgia, you are Georgian. #tamada

August 5th – Kutaisi, Georgia

Cave spelunking, dinosaur fossils, waterfalls and castles on our next-to-last last day in Georgia. Azerbaijan tomorrow.

Went for a “leisurely stroll” up a flooded road in a flash downpour, narrowly missing a few landslides, to find a 100 meter waterfall. Soaked, but worth it.

August 6th – Sighnaghi, Georgia

One final stop in the “City of Love” before we make our way into Azerbaijan. Ten wedding parades already.

We can’t thank the Qarqashadze family enough for their amazing hospitality and generosity during our stay in Georgia. Our visit here was truly unforgettable.

Looks like a four hour wait to get through the Azerbaijan border. Jeff’s got some visa issues, so crossing our fingers they let us through.

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