Charity Flip Cup Tournament raises over $1000

This past Saturday, we held a Mongol Rally Charity Flip Cup Tournament in Los Angeles, and it was a huge success!

We had fifty friends (in ten teams of five) come to compete, and support our two Mongol Rally charities. After expenses, we raised over $1000! We are repeatedly amazed and humbled by the generosity of our friends, and we thank them all for their support.

Each flip cup team competed in a round robin, followed by a tournament. The teams competed for the chance to have their team name painted on our Mongol Rally car, and for the coveted golden pig trophy we made for the event.

In the end, the winning team was The Flipsters — Chris Cucci, Kimmy Pitkin, Justin Walter, Shaun Smith and Brianne Trosie — with their plaid hipster outfits.

Each team also got to adopt one of our rubber duckies, which will be going along with us on the rally.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out. We had a great time, and we couldn’t think of a better way to have fun with our friends and also raise money for charity.

Below are photos of all the teams who competed. THANKS again to all of you for coming out!:

1. Plaid / The Flipsters / Captain: Chris Cucci
2. Purple / The Zesty Zimbabweans / Captain: Jess Lemmon
3. Silver / Team LotsofMoneyandPassportsinCarPleaseDon’tHurtUsWe’llGiveFreeHugsandWorkforNothingDemocracyRocksUSANumberOne / Captain: Anthony Bisalti
4. USA / Team Bad Decisions / Captain: Ram Calley
5. Tie-Dye / Strangers With Candy / Captain: Casey Buss
6. White / Spring Break ’97 / Captain: Chris Burt
7. Black / Pizza and the Huts / Captain: Pete Berg
8. Green / Loose Flips Sink Ships / Captain: Alex Colby
9. Red / The Flipducks / Captain: Amanda Ahmad
10. Orange / Team We Thought This Was Beer Pong / Captain: Paul Ferguson

Thanks again, and we hope you had a FLIPPIN’ GOOD TIME!

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